Thursday, October 2, 2008

Projects and Gift cards

My mom made a cover for the glider and ottoman that we found at a garage sale for $10 and she also made me a blanket with the pattern that I have always wanted since I was in highschool.

At the shower we got a few gift cards and some money and I went to Kmart the other day and they were having a great sale and so I found a kick-n-play on clearance and then a photo album book that is from my Aunt Sheila.

They also had a bunch of diapers on clearance, so I cleared them out of the size 3's.

Then Logan's Grammy Al gave me some coupons with her gift so I used those to get some jammies, diapers and wipes.

I love clearance.

Oh, here is a great story of God protecting me at Kmart (and this is the Kmart that we found out we were in fact pregnant).

After shopping I loaded the car up and went to Amy's home for Logan's party. When I got there, I felt like I should find my envelope of gift cards. The thing is, I didn't see it and rather than clear out the car, I felt the urgency to go back to Kmart and look to see if I left it in the cart and if not, then I would clear out my car.

The whole way there, I was praying that God would blind everyone's eyes from the envelope because I had cash and $75 in gift cards in it. I was sick that I just spent money and saved on clearance items and then lost money that would could use for our son.

As I pulled up to Kmarts doors I stopped at the cross walk and there in the MIDDLE of the cross walk was my envelope. I jumped out and people all around me looked at me like I was nuts.

I grabbed the envelope and parked the car to check it out. All the gift cards were there, but I didn't see the cash. Then I remembered I had tucked it in one of the envelopes for the gift card. I just sat there and praised Jesus for protecting something that seems so little yet so big to our family at this time.

God protects even the little things. He has the best in mind for us even down to the smallest of details.

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