Monday, September 29, 2008

Logan's 6th Birthday

This little boy is such a dear boy to me. He just has such a heart and you can see how God is using him.

Here are some of the cute things he has said recently or within the year.
- 8 more days till I am 6 and an adult
- now that I am 6 can I jump from the 3rd stair?
- God help me find a good wife because I might need one
- oh you mean Bruce (He has been resistant to the fact that Auntie Nette is having a baby and then he found out that one of the middle names is Bruce and they used to have a car that he named Bruce, so he will only acknowledge Turner if he calls him Bruce)
- I am going to have a hottub in my barn for you Nette so that you can soak in it after Christopher jumps on you.
- I am planting a garden so that I can give all the food to people that need it.
- I am going to have a farm when I grow up so that I can help all the people that need things.
- I don't think I will live in Colorado when I am big because I need a place for my barn.

There are so many adorable things that come out of his mouth and things that he does, but I just wanted you to see some of the heartfelt and thoughtful things that come to him.

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