Sunday, September 21, 2008

33 and counting

I had a Doctor's appointment today and they are still measuring me to be a little ahead.

Early this week I told Torrey that he and I should try to guess the information about Turner's delivery. His first comment was that he thought the baby would be born on Oct 25. Here is where is gets interesting. The Doctor put in the measurements to see the estimated delivery date and it was Oct 25. It was totally interesting. Early that week I had mentioned to my boss that I didn't think I would be in the office past the 24th. I had no reason for saying that it was just a gut feeling. We will see when Turner wants to make his debut.

Everything is looking good, but his head is still large. The doctor said that he has long legs and at this point it doesn't appear he has much hair. He also said that nothing looks like a diabetic state in the uterus so that was wonderful too.

I have to go in next week for a stress test and then the following week I have to go to the hospital for some kind of bio physical test where they measure things in Turner to make sure there is nothing concerning.

I might have to start going 2 times a week, so we should just put up a tent and live close. :)

I gained 3 pounds this time which he only wanted me to gain 2 but he said overall he will not complain since I am sill down 3 from when I got pregnant. Hopefully I can keep the weight gain down and be able to get back to loosing once Turner is here. My blood sugar and blood pressure are both doing great.

Heartburn has been another story and just sleepless nights. I am thankful there is a reason for it and that some of it will go away when Turner is here. He will be worth it, that is for sure.

Just keep praying for me that I am kind to my husband and can be a good mommy to this precious little boy.

Oh, Turner decided to flip and be breech so pray that he flips back. I think he is working on that now as it feels like his is laying sideways right now.


  1. LL-Nettee! You are looking so good! I can't believe that Turner will be here so soon. I am praying for you and your little one!

  2. it is getting so close!!! You look great! Good job on sticking to the diet plan! I know that is hard.