Friday, August 15, 2008

Answer to prayer

The time is getting so much closer where we will get to see and hold our little Turner. I am getting more and more excited and less fearful which doesn't make any sense to me.

Torrey and I were able to get away a few weeks ago with my family for a nice vacation and then we stayed a little longer to just have time together. It was much needed for many reasons. We needed to be able to talk about our upcoming plans in regard to Turner, we needed to rest and get rid of some stress, we needed to be able to "fall" in love more deeply.

We were able to do all of these and some and it was a great time away with the man that I love.

We were able to conclude that my job is too stressful right now and is impacting me, Turner and our marriage and we need to make a change. Our goal from the start was for me to work until Turner arrived, but we started to reconsider that because money isn't worth our marriage or health.

We left our vacation willing but still uncertain as to what God wanted us to do. I proposed to Torrey that I try another time to talk to my company and see about reducing my hours enough to make it less stressful but not too much so I lose my benefits. I told him that I was willing to quit if that is what he really wanted as he cannot lead if I am unwilling to follow. He told me that he is willing to see how God answers in regard to my company accepting less hours. I just got a new boss who is not a fan of kids, so I didn't expect the results to go in my favor yet also wondered if he would consider it as our team is small and my other colleague is having the need to be out as her father is dying.

I gave it a go and asked my boss if he would be willing to consider it and shared that my husband was desiring me to quit due to the stress but I wanted to try for less hours first to see if that helped. He heard me and we talked to HR and since it isn't a medical reason at this time it was in his hands to accept or deny. Well, he accepted and starting this week I no longer have to work on Friday's and can still work from home 2 days a week. I am not sure what the second day will be as my days are filled with meetings, but I will figure something out.

While I was checking into this, Torrey also verified with his insurance that if there was a reason for me to quit if I would be covered under his insurance. They said there is no preexisting clause that would exclude me from being covered. So, we are in a good place for many things right now. I have my reduced hours and working from home, we are ready financially for this even though it will be much tighter, and if I need to quit now, I will have coverage.

It feels really nice to have options that help our family. Keep praying as the time is getting closer and I have been feeling more ill in the third trimester than I have all the rest of the time.

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