Monday, July 28, 2008

Parenting Woes

Torrey and I had the privledge of having our Niece Laura over from Thursday until Sunday afternoon.

I can say one thing for certain, WE ARE TIRED.

We had a nice time with Laura and got to spoil her a little and had some good conversations about God. Laura doesn't know God nor does most of Torrey's family, but they do know about God. We have had a real burden these days to really try to show the love of Jesus and work in the kids lives and have God work through the kids into the adults.

We were able to see the differences in parenting between my family and his and had to have some discipline. Torrey and I both sat down and prayed together before we dealt with the situation and then while we were talking with Laura, Torrey stayed very composed, but I was bawling like a baby. We want so badly for Laura to know Jesus and seeing her lack of respect or even a sense of having done wrong broke our hearts. We told her that our home has rules that we will enforce because we want our home to be pleasing to God and there are things that we will not allow because of that, so we shared some verses and prayed with her and then we went to Turner's room and held each other and just cried over her heart and how hard it is to discipline especially when Jesus isn't in her heart.

The weekend went well and we were able to take her to church with us and are trying to figure out how we can keep taking her to church. We have to talk with her parents and we are trusting that God will help with the gas to take her back and forth because God wants her heart more than we desire Him to have it.

Pray with us as we figure out how to do this and what is the best approach to this action.

We believe that this experience was great for us as well as Laura. We really feel like she heard us and will respect us at some point for our stand. It was most amazing to be able to see how Torrey would lead our family in the future and that he really stood up for me and said that he will not tolerate disrespect to me at all.

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