Monday, July 7, 2008

22/23 weeks

Here is the next shot of this pregnancy. This week something happened as I grew overnight I think and nothing is fitting the same and I am feeling REALLY FAT. My husband likes to respond with Ugly too. He is completely kidding and said that he got that from my brother-in-law. Torrey is so good to tell me he thinks that I am beautiful. I do not often agree with him, but it is nice to hear so am learning to respond with at least a thank you so that he doesn't stop telling me.

We find out today the sex of the baby so we will finally be able to call the baby by their name...stay tuned for the name announcement at the unveiling of our baby.

I weighed myself yesterday and found that I have gained back 7 of the 17 pounds that I have lost. I guess that isn't too bad. Maybe I will break even at the end and then me and my adorable little baby will hit the sidewalk with our walking regime to burn it off and get me healthier before the next baby comes. I don't want to deal with the diabetes next go round.

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