Monday, June 9, 2008

Peaceful Backyard

For our wedding we received some gift cards to Home Depot and we used them to get the swing and the gazebo for our backyard. We just got them set up as we purchased them at the end of the season for a GREAT discount in price that allowed us to get both of them.

We haven't finished anchoring the gazebo yet as it took me more than thirty minutes to put one anchor into one leg. UFFDA.

We have entertained only a couple times since putting it up. We had another couple over that just recently got married and then for Memorial day, we had my family over. The day was nice until it was time for everyone to come over and then we ended up with rain. It didn't spoil our fun. Mom and I played Badminton in the yard and the guys got a fire going in the pit. It made us long for camping and boy did we smell like he had been camping when it was all over.

Torrey and I enjoy sitting in the backyard and having our meals, taking a nap in the swing, brushing the dogs or just being. It is nice to have a place to go that feels so relaxing. We just pretend that we are in the country as this might be the closest that we get outside of vacations.


  1. This looks great. We enjoy our fire pit a lot too. We do feel like we have been camping also after we sit by the fire.

  2. I love your gazebo and table and chairs. so amazing what you can get in your small back yard. its like having another room on your house/