Friday, June 6, 2008

Baby Gifts to Date

Right after we found out we were pregnant, our friend Ruth gave us this sleeper & bib with some washcloths and shampoo. Ruth is always so good to care for people and she has been so excited for this day since the time that I shared that there was a guy. She is always such an encouragement and she actually gave both of us a book to read as well.

Torrey and I went to visit Wendy and Dennis in April and tooled around in California together. When I saw this shirt in Newport Beach, I told Torrey that we had to get it. I have been giving him such a hard time that this little baby will have him wrapped around their finger especially if it is a girl. I get this information from watching him with his dog. We do not know for certain that we are having a girl, but we both have the feeling and as you look at the rest of the gifts, you will see that others are thinking that too. The doctor is currently leaning that direction but will stake nothing on it yet.

These shoes my grandma found for us. If any of you know me, I have pretty much one pair of shoes that I wear for everything. Since I have had knee, back and feet issues, I have found that I love my Danskos and wear them everywhere. Torrey just got me a new pair for Christmas. So, by looking at these shoes, you can see that if we have a daughter, she may be on the road to a shoe fetish. I can see her wearing these with a black velvet dress on the bottom with the bodice being a red plaid with tights that have a lacy little butt and a cute ribbon in her hair. Can you see it? I can and I believe their will be pictures taken.

Simon got some blue socks just like these. Look at my grandma all up in the Joe Boxer style. I have not been able to picture what outfit she will be wearing these with. It might be a take home outfit we have yet to buy, if we have a girl. I don't think Torrey would be too thrilled if we brought home a son wearing these.

My grandma and I made this quilt together when I was back celebrating my Grandma Larson's 86th Birthday. The quilt holds a few memories because of this as it was one of the last times that I was able to see my Grandmother alive. I miss her as I think about how her dreams for me have come true and she hasn't been able to share them with me here on earth. I have no idea if in heaven you celebrate still with loved ones, but I would like to think it is true. I am sure so much of her time is being spent just enjoying the presence of her Lord. She loved Him so on earth and her love has been completed in heaven. I am so glad she is no longer in pain and her laugh echos throughout the beauty of heaven.

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  1. Looks like a lot of pink stuff! Hope the baby comes out a girley!