Thursday, June 5, 2008

17 Weeks and Counting

Well, went to the doctor yesterday and they said this time I am measuring in at 16 weeks 6 days which would make me 17 weeks today. From what they have said before it should have been 16 weeks 1 day. They will not change my due date though as the Doctor said it is so close to the first ultrasound that they will stick with that.

Really doesn't matter as this baby will come when she/he wants to.

Oh, and as of the view yesterday it is still being said to be a girl, but the doctor will not make a conclusion as, I guess, a little boy can make his appearance at any point. Twenty-four weeks will be more conclusive if they cooperate as I really want to call this baby by their name. Tired of the generics and Torrey HATES me calling the baby It.

Oh, and for the total pregnancy, I have lost 17 pounds, but as of this visit, I gained one. Not too bad I would say. I am happy with it as these shorts were tight last year and this year I am pregnant and they are looser than last. Can't complain.

I will be blogging more on this stuff later as my Grandma sent me some fun presents that I want to post on my blog.

Stay tuned...I am worn out tonight though from working at Nina's and baking all day as well as doing some cleaning. Ready to fall into bed.

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