Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Since I was out of town for my birthday, Torrey took Saturday off to celebrate me. It was nice to have time with him.

We started out by stopping by my parents new home to see what they had painted and done while I was gone. We got to have some time catching up with them. From there we decided to go eat lunch. Where we wanted to go we decided against it as it would be too heavy and we had my birthday party that night.

I can tell you the place that we went was not my favorite at all and I will not be frequenting it again. I am not all about the global warming stuff, but I am about taking care of what God has given us. Well, this restaurant was a dine in yet everything they put on the table beside the silverware and cup was all stuff that you throw away. I don't get that at all, they have the ability to wash it, so why wouldn't they.

After we ate, We went to Butterfly Pavilion. I had never been there and I really enjoy the opportunity to take pictures for fun. I am considering how I can go about displaying them for resale, but haven't taken on that effort yet.

Torrey was really good at finding things that I would like to take pictures of. I enjoyed the flowers a bit more than the butterflies. There really weren't as many variations as I had expected. I will have to go to the Botanical Gardens with my love sometime soon. I need to get him a point and shoot camera as I think he might enjoy doing that with me, but maybe he just likes finding the shots for me. I might have a good partner in him.

While we were in the gift shop, we decided that as a family we will collect playing cards. That is how we got to know each other, what we had at our wedding and just seems like a fun and inexpensive thing to collect.

We bought our cards and headed to starbucks and played some games until it was time for the party.

I continue to love my Love Bug more and more each day. Despite the hard times, he is a man that I long to grow old with and serve the Lord with.

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  1. Great photos, Lynette! by the way where is the restuarant you spoke of? Sounds really weird....