Friday, February 3, 2006

Where has Customer Service gone?

We must find humor in everything, Right?

Well, today I am trying to find great humor in the process I am encountering and am having a hard time, but I seem to be able to pass on humor to others even when I am in the midst of the, I thought I would give it a shot and maybe it will help me move faster to the humor side of pain.

I have been working with a certain company trying to get measurements and installs done for my basement. Now, I would have thought that this would be pretty easy, but I don't think easy and Lynette work together for some reason.

Let me detail the steps I have experienced as you can hopefully see the pain and find many laughs at the same time.

When I called this unmentioned company, if you want to ask me I WILL tell you, I asked them to come measure my basement. The measurements went pretty well. I didn't even have to pay for the measurement and that was a first time ever.

Once the measurements were in, the company representative called me to offer me a quote. Let me tell you that first off, she only ended up offering me a quote on the tile as she didn't have the other items recorded. Well, to top it off, she didn't break down the quotes to the upstairs and basement as I had asked and had included removing the toilets and taking out preexisting floors. Let me explain to you...the basement had NO toilets in and no preexisting floor outside the concrete...can't really remove that now can you. On top of that she included the floor boards.

I informed her at this point that I do not need floor board from them, I don't need toilets removed and I don't need old flooring out. I do in fact need the upstairs quote separated from the downstairs.

She finally calls back and only had the downstairs quote this time as she says I didn't want the upstairs. I told her to go ahead and give it to me and then I would be in to her place to write down the other materials I wanted a quote done on.

She informs me that the basement (300 sq ft) was going to cost me &4,000 to have installed and there still might be supplies that I need. I told her if there might be supplies, she needs to tell me now. I am looking to you to be the expert as that is what is claimed. Your team did the measurements and assessments so tell me the quote for all that I NEED that I did not ask to be excluded.

At this point, I went back in to discuss the types of materials that I wanted quotes on. I told them that I would like the Upstairs Bathrooms and Vanities quoted out with tile and vinyl, both with install and without. Then I asked for the family room to be quoted with Carpet,install and basic padding and then bathroom, craftroom, laundry room and landing to be quoted in vinyl and tile with install and without.

When I got the call back, NOTHING was right. I had even written down EXACTLY what I needed and the sales associate argued with me saying that isn't what I said. I told her to check her file for the note that I wrote...she said there is nothing in there. She asked me if I wanted to talk to her manager and I told her only if they will answer my questions, listen to what I am saying and not talk to me like I was stupid.

She ended up helping me, kind of, after I asked her to fax me the report to my office and I would review it and call with questions. I then asked her to please not call me every other day to try to set up an install. I told her that I had informed her before that this is a basement finish and I am still in process, but would like to get some quotes to know what direction to head.

Today I am sitting here getting my vinyl installed in the basement. When the installer showed up, he went down and told me what I needed done and that it was not in his statement of work. While he was there, the company called me to ask me when I planned to pick up my merchandise.

The installer left to call the company to find out what was going on and I went and called the company back. I told them that I was not aware I had to pick up the items as it was part of the contract that it would arrive with the installer and then informed them that the installer said not all things were listed that needed to be done. Next think I know I was transferred to another person without knowing why. They wanted to then pass me off to the expediter and I told them no thanks, I want the manager.

I explained in very brief detail the fun that I have been having since the start. I told him the current fun that I was having and asked what am I to do. He said he would take care of me and get me the stuff if he had to deliver it himself. He asked to speak to the installer and then the installer went to pick up the stuff.

After about 20 minutes had passed, I got another call from the company and they asked for directions. I told them that my installer should be there picking up the stuff and he said he had left because they still needed to pull more of the items as they didn't have enough vinyl ready.

When the installer got here, he informed me not only did they not have enough, but they didn't have anymore and it was coming from another of the stores.

My installer started rolling out what they had and found out that what they told him was in the roll was in fact not accurate. There was to be enough to do 2 of the rooms while he was waiting and it wasn't wide enough to even do anything with it.

The company just now (1:30pm) dropped off the roll for the installer to use.

Here is the icing on the cake. The installer needed to roll out the vinyl to cut it and decided to use my neighbors yard as it had less leaves and trees. My neighbor came out and yelled at him about it.

My installer came in and told me about the encounter and said, "Your neighbor sure isn't very nice." So I asked if it was to the west. He said yes. He said he was rolling out the vinyl in his yard as it was open and didn't have trees and the guy came out and gave him a tongue lashing. The installer told him that he wasn't trying to hurt anything and that usually neighbors are nice and like to help each other out.

The installer told me he is sorry if he caused more trouble for me. I told him that it doesn't matter. They don't like me anyway and seem angry at everyone.

The day isn't even over yet, so this story may have to grow, but thought I would share the fun of the day.

There is so many details that I left out of this, but I think you get the pain of it all. What has happened to Customer Service and being proud of your work?

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