Saturday, November 12, 2005

Do you pray God-sized prayer?

Do you find yourself praying consistantly? Are your prayers led from your life experiences?

I just recently found a prayer in my life answered after almost of year of consistant praying, but I had never imagined to pray for all that came about.

Our God wants to give us the best, but do we really know how to pray for that? Do we only pray with a certain thing in mind or do we leave it open for the greatness of God?

I think that we forget His greatness daily and try to limit him in how we pray. We are blessed that God doesn't stop only at what we ask, but He goes to what is best for us and what we need to better mold us to be like Him and bring Him glory.

Another thing that I encountered in my answered prayer is that just because I am thrilled about how God answered this prayer, other people are not. This was never something that I really thought about. God is in countrol and will lead all those in my life to understand that the answered prayer is a blessing. There are absolute risks in where God is taking His answer, but He is also our Comforter and wants to be that. Now, if we never had a need to be comforted, how could He ever show us this part of His character?

We need to experience the possibility and often the fact of pain because in those moments, we learn more about God and have the chance to fall into His arms for the support we need.

When it comes to the prayer that I have offered up for a year, when things troubled me around the prayer or I felt sadness, it never seemed I had people around me due to the time of day or the location I was in. That was hard for me at first, but looking back through my journal for the past year I see that it was beneficial. I ran to God first. It is so easy to run to people to get their help and support and run to God only when things fall apart. I have learned so much about running to Him this year. Through the pain I was feeling, there turned out a great benefit as I experienced God as a Comforter this year.

Do I long to not have pain? No! I know that I can't avoid it and I found that God wants to care for me and I want Him to. He knows the best way to help me. Do you look to Him for comfort in your pain? Do you pray expecting God to answer big?

I encourage you to expect GREAT things from God in answered prayer. He does not think like we do and He knows exactly how to bless and care for us. We see our life on a straight line view and He sees it from a heavenly perspective. Who has the better view?

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